SQL Plan Directives: Gotta Purge ‘Em All

A tip I picked up from Nigel Bayliss regards purging SQL Plan Directives, I’ve been using it a lot recently and can’t see it documented elsewhere.

As some background these records, exposed via the DBA_SQL_PLAN_DIRECTIVES view, are cardinality corrections created and used when running with Adaptive Statistics enabled.  There is a job that should automatically purge all records unused for longer than the value of SPD_RETENTION_WEEKS, but we’ve experienced occasions when this job doesn’t work as expected.

The records can be individually purged by calling DBMS_SPD.DROP_SQL_PLAN_DIRECTIVE, but that’s a pain if you’ve got a lot of them

However what the documentation doesn’t mention is that you can call the procedure, passing in NULL for the mandatory directive_id parameter:


This will purge all records based on retention rules that the auto-purge job follows.  If you really want to Purge ‘Em All then you can set the retention to 0 before calling the procedure.



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